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In 2021 The Heliotrope Foundation and Za'Kiyah House began collaborating on the creation of Donnelle’s Safe Haven, a home for women transitioning out of extreme crises such as homelessness or incarceration.

While this work is local to one place, their trauma-informed model and restorative justice-based philosophy mean that they are creating a beacon that many other communities can steer by as we ask ourselves how we reckon with our notions of justice, and how we will learn to heal the intergenerational cycles of trauma that lead to crises such as homelessness and incarceration.

Inspired by the incredible work that Ronna Davis-Moore, the founder of Za'Kiyah House has done renovating the property and opening Donnelle's Safe Haven, The Heliotrope Foundation has decided to continue our collaboration and has donated a church to become The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary will become apartments, a social hall, and a sanctuary space serving the community of North Braddock, Pennsylvania. After successfully fundraising and constructing a new roof we are now raising funds to replace the windows. There are 38 custom windows that need replacing as well as a large stain-glass window. 

 Caledonia "Swoon" Curry - Founder, Heliotrope Foundation.

If you would like to participate in donating to The Sanctuary. Za'kiyah House will host several fundraising events locally that you will be able to attend, our first will be September 25, 2022. Please save the date, and feel free to contact us for tickets and more info. 412-353-9365 For more information on the Heliotrope Foundation

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The Sanctuary

Compassion in action. Help build a space that rebuilds lives.

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