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Come Heal with Me

The work of Za'kiyah House was catalyzed as a result of the shooting death of Richard Harris Jr., the son of our Founder.

If you, or someone you love is impacted as a parent of a child lost to gun violence, please contact us to see if we can provide our support.

Our Approach

In our community, far too many parents lose children to gun violence. We know, all too well, that unexpected loss of a child is a deep, and immensely challenging trial navigate, especially alone. We operate Come Heal with Me as a support group, offering compassion and empathy, and supporting families, and meeting the critical celebrations and milestones after death. 

What We Do

We have found that this program and the work we put into it is needs to be responsive to the members we work with, this includes:

  • Care Retreats

  • Support with Funeral Services & Memorials

  • Monthly Meetings

  • Special Event Care 

  • Holiday & Milestone Support

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